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Recovery is not just about restoring one’s weight and developing a healthy relationship with food. It’s the first step, but it’s not the only one.

Recovery is also about rediscovering who you truly are. It’s about getting to know yourself and finally learning to love yourself. It’s about learning to take care of yourself. It’s about discovering that you are someone. And that you are valuable.

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Me while eating:

  • feels like it’s too much: feels guilty
  • feels like it’s not enough: feels guilty
  • eats certain thing: feels guilty
  • doesn’t eat certain thing: feels guilty
  • eats thing at a certain time: feels guilty
  • doesn’t eat thing at a certain time: feels guilty
  • eats combination of certain things: feels guitly
  • doesn’t eat combination of certain things: feels guilty
  • eating with an eating disorder: guilt

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i haven’t made a personal post on here in forever i feel fat and disgusting ever since I got back from Europe I gained some fat on my stomach there from irregular eating and now I’m still eating kind of bad and I am constantly bloated and feel gross and fat and I’ve moved so far from disordered eating but sometimes I feel like I’m waning idk


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Anonymous said: how do i stop restricting?? I'm so terrified of gaining weight its all i think about all day


You need to eat. You need to let yourself eat. You need to welcome all foods into your diet, even the scary ones. You need to realize that food is not the enemy. Food doesn’t have feelings. So why let food control yours ? Your body doesn’t sleep. Your body is non stop working to keep you alive. How could you not provide your body with the love and care it deserves for keeping you alive. Why do you think being thin is the root of all happiness? Have you talked to any other skinny person in this world? Are they happy? Probably not. Our size doesn’t magically take all of our problems away. I’m happier now than I ever was at my skinniest. My body and mind are at peace with each other instead of fighting against each other. You owe it to yourself and your body to get healthy. You only get one chance, one body, one life; think of everything your losing by trying to lose weight. It’s not worth it. I promise you.


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